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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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leaders? >> it's time to declare the end of lowered expectation. >> how stupid are these politicians? >> politicians do what is politically expedient. >> you i want to do what's right. >> politicians are all talk, no action. >> our founders never planned for us to have a political. >> you probably want them to polish your shoes. >> the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> we need a leader ha wrote the art of the deal. >> time for citizens to stand up to the political class.
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>> are you ready for an outsider? how about america? is america ready for an outsider? three political outsiders, no political experience are fighting to be your next president. real estate mogul donald trump. the first woman ceo of a fortune 500 company carly fiorina and dr. ben carson a neurosurgeon. tonight you will hear from all three. who are these outsiders? we start with a frontrunner. donald trump. >> we need a leader that wrote the art of the deal. >> you know him as the donald. and there is a chance he may be your next president. >> i'm really rich. >> 1968 donald trump graduates from the prestigious wharton school and starts working at his father's real estate business. he moves the company's focus from manhattan and turning the trump into a global brand. >> i am donald trump and i
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have properties at you will over the place. >> donald trump becomes the new york's most well known and controversial developers. grand hyatt in 1974. trump tower in 1979. the atlantic city new jersey season 1980. later it would be golf courses, more hotels and, yes, more buildings in new york and around the world. and in 1987, the donald publishing his number one best selling book, "the art of the deal." >> i like mailing deals. preferably making big deals. that's how i get my kicks. 19 the 90s total crisis decline in the real estate market and massive losses for his company. the result corporate bankruptcy for some of his properties. under trump's leadership his company not only survived but was ready for the future. ♪ >> the donald starring in a hit tv show the apprentice and, of course, we all remember this. >> i don't like excuses. you're fired. >> and trump also making a name for himself in
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politics. sparking controversy by demanding a copy of president obama's long form birth certificate. >> i'm very honored to have gotten him to release his long form birth certificate. or whatever it may be. >> and after considering it many times before, the deal-making billionaire is officially running for president. >> i am officially running. [cheers] >> for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> and the real estate mogul a regular guest on "on the record." here are some of his best moments. >> people are tired of being pushed around and being represented by incompetent politicians. you look at these politicians the way they are representing us is a disgrace, whether it's the iran deal where you have to wait 24 days before you can take a look at what they are doing and, by the way the 24 days doesn't start for a long time. you look at all of the
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things that are happening in this country, china ripping us off. japan ripping us off. mexico he co-taking advantage because their leaders are so much smarter than our leaders. i think people are tired of it. they are tired of politicians. they are tired of incompetence and tired of all talk, no action and the people of new hampshire and iowa are amazing people. because i'm doing great in iowa, too. they are amazing people and great people. they want to see our country be great again and no politician is going to be able to do that. you know he what i know. i'm a great jobs producer. everyone says i will be the great leader in every poll. i will be by far the best leader and by far economically. >> what's your weakness? >> some people think i'm not a nice person and i actually am. i love people. i think you know i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person some people think maybe it's you're fired and the apprentice. who knows? some people think i'm not a nice person. you know ohio tell somebody who says that.
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they say mr. trump you can be nicer? i said look, i don't think this election is going to be won by a nice person '. i think people want competence for a change. we need competent really smart competent people. and if would don't get that do you understand of leader and leadership and in particular at the level of the president, this country is in big trouble. >> if i get the nomination, i'll win the hispanic vote. because i'm going to bring jobs back to america. i'm going to take them back from china. i'm going to take them back from all these other countries that are taking our jobs because our leaders don't know what they are doing. the hispanics will vote for donald trump. i'm against illegal immigration because i speak up for the country. i'm against illegal -- if you look at it, or what's very simple, illegal immigration, i'm totally opposed to it. you see what happened in san francisco with that beautiful young woman who was shot standing with her father by a man that shouldn't have been here. we threw him out five times
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and mexico sends him back. in in my opinion the mexican government forced him back. in they force many criminals back in our country. and that's what i have been talking about. and frankly people have given me great credit for talking about it i brought a subject to light. >> since you are getting eat from every single direction. is there any chance you will get out of the race with this? >> no. i love it. i'm bringing to foreand getting a lot of credit for lots of different elements that are very important. we have incompetent leadership. we have leaders that don't know anything about negotiating. we are getting killed by china. we're getting killed by mexico. we're getting killed by japan and killed by saudi arabia makes a billion dollars a day, greta. if they have a problem, we go and defend saudi arabia. he we get nothing. we are a bunch of very, very foolishly led people. so i think i'm doing very well with. i will tell you i'm getting a lot of credit on the other hand. you know, the way you asked that negative question, i'm getting a lot of question on
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the other hand from people that say i'm the only one that's speaking the truth. i think that's why i'm so high in the polls. >> we don't have a good relationship with mexico. right? do we have a good relationship? remember sergeant tahmooressi? right? kept them in jail. we had a president didn't each want to make a phone call. he was in that jail, rotting in that jail and i helped him with greta and some people, and i helped them financially. finally he got out. he was in there so long. [ applause ] she was terrific. by the way, without her you probably wouldn't -- he would still be there. >> and the donald, well, he is not the only business leader running for office. >> reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. >> meet carly fiorina. former fortune 100 ceo, form everywhere candidate for u.s. senate and now running to be your next president. >> i'm carly fiorina, and
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i'm running for president. >> how did carlie rise to the top? she started as a law school dropout. her father said she would never make it, but he was never wrong -- totally wrong. signing on as a sales rep for at&t. at at&t fiorina shined, running entire departments by age 35 and meeting her future husband who told her she would be running the company some day. well, he was almost right. in 19999, while running lucent technologies an spin off. she got a call from hewlett packard. they wanted her to be ceo. the first woman to run a fortune 50 company. >> in the digital age, if you can dream it, you can do it. >> at hp fiorina streamlined operations and oversaw merger with compact. at the time the biggest high tech merger in history. >> we believe we have received sufficient votes to approve h.p.'s merger with come compact computer
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operation. >> the move wiewldly criticized and she was fired for it? >> i had never hidden the fact that i was fired from hewlett packard in a board room brawl. i know when you lead and challenge the status quo you make enemies. >> carlie surviving a bought with cancer and running for a seat in the u.s. senate against barbara boxer. >> after chemotherapy barbara box are isn't that scary anymore. >> that effort ultimately coming up short. being a political outsider set the stage for her presidential campaign today. >> ours was intended to be a citizen government. so citizens, let's take it back. >> and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina going "on the record." carlie, nice to see you. >> great to be with you, greta. thanks for having me. >> okay, carlie. so what do you think is the reason that the outsiders in whole political contest in
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the g.o.p., which includes you, donald trump, and dr. ben carson, why are the three of you doing so well? none of the three of you is a politician. >> because 75% of the american people now think the federal government is corrupt. because 82% of the american people now think we have a professional political class, that's more concerned with the preservation of its own power, position, and privilege than on getting the people's work done because people are angry and frustrated with festering problems that never seem to get resolved. whatever your issue, whatever your cause, whatever problem you hope will be resolved by now, the political class has failed you. >> do you see this as sort of almost like the tea party movement four years ago. the teerp movement was a lot of people sick and tired of washington. people not tuckly involved in politics. although it didn't get a lot of steam and eventually sort of faded out. it was the people who were unhappy with the political class. is this a little bit of the
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same group and more? >> >> i think it's some of the same group and more. if you think about those numbers. 75%. 8%. that's means it's republicans, independents, democrats. it means it's young and old, machine and women. people of all ethnicities. it means it's the vast majority of the american people. i have a lot of republicans show up at my events, of course. but i have democrats and independents as well. you see, it's not partisan to say we actually need to secure our border. it's not partisan to say we finally need to reform our veterans administration. it's not partisan to say government truly has become so crushing, so inept that they don't do anything well. >> but all those things that you name require legislation, unless you do it by executive order. but require legislation, which require relationships, something that president obama president obama has been criticized for not having. no interest with republicans or democrats on capitol hill. the three outsiders don't
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have that legislative experience. how do you convince the voters that you can do it? >> well, first, relationships can be built. they need to be invested in. and i you certainly would invest in those relationships. but, honestly speaking, greta, you think it's less legislative experience, and more understanding what to do. what actually do you have to do to get a bureaucracy to move and to cut it down to size? and i also think this will involve channeling, harnessing, leveraging, the anger and the frustration of the american people. that's why i will use technology to engage in a regular conversation with the citizens of this nation. you know, take out your smart phone, please. fellow citizen, do you think we ought to know where your money is being spent? press one for yes and two for know. anger and frustration are but a good leader can channel that anger and frustration to force the political process to move because politicians will and do respond to pressure.
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>> of course, do not forget dr. ben carson, what an incredible story. >> i'm ben carson, and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> he is one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. and might even be your next president. >> we are one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. carson's story starts in a broken home in detroit. his mom worked two or three jobs at a time to make ends meet. when he started doing bad in school she had a solution. turning off the tv and submit to written book reports which she couldn't read it didn't matter. because it worked. >> he rose up, attending yale and medical school at the university of michigan revolutionizing his field. becoming the director of pediatric neurosurgeon at johns hopkins at 33 years
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old. separated conjoined twins, something that set him apart from the other presidential candidates. >> i'm the only one who separated siamese twins. [ laughter ] the only one to operate on babies while they are still in the mother's womb. the only one to take out half of a brain although you would think if you go to washington that someone had beat me to it. >> and, of course, dr. carson jumping into the political spotlight at the national prayer breakfast in 2013. >> and our national debt, $16.5 trillion, you think that's not a lot of money? >> and today he is one of the political outsiders who wants to be president '. >> we are going to change the government into something that locks more like a well-run business than behermine moth of inefficiency. >> and neurosurgeon dr. carson surging in the polls. here have some of his best moments on the campaign trail.
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>> this country was envisioned by individuals who wanted everything to be surrounding the people of, for, and by the people not of for and by the government. the government was to respond to the will of the people not the people to the will of the government. we have allowed the whole thing to be turned upside down. >> we need to have people who actually understand what's going on so that they are not so vulnerable to slick politicians and dishonest media and people who try to manipulate them. it's very hard to manipulate somebody who is equipped with a lot of information. >> think about the people who came before us. nathan hale started as a teenager, became a spy. when he was caught by the british and ready to be executed, he said: my only
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regret is that i have but one life to give for my country. think about that. think about all the soldiers who gave their lives. many cases knowing that they would never see their loved ones or their homeland again. and they did it for you. and for me. and now it's going to be up to us to decide what are we going to do with that freedom? >> all the pundits say it's impossible. and they say you can't put together an organization. and you can't raise money because you're not connected with all of the big money. so it's impossible, so you really shouldn't even be thinking about it. however, however, i just said, lord, if you want me to do it, you open the doors. and if you open othe doors, i will walk through them. [cheers and applause]
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>> and, you know, we have been able to put together a magnificent national organization. i found it amusing a few months ago, the "the washington post" says carson's organization is falling apart, all of his people are quitting. this is what they want to happen. it has nothing to do with reality. you know, i just find of amusing. and they said you will never be able to raise money. but they forgot about one very important thing. the people. they forgot about the people. >> "on the record" reached out to dr. carson's campaign for an interview. he was not available due to scheduling. and donald trump politics, the silent majority. he says americans are looking outside washington for the next president. is trump right about that? karl rove and laura ingraham answer that question straight ahead.
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everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
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>> we have a president who doesn't have a clue. >> too many americans is being crushed by the weight, the power, the cost, the complexity, the ineptitude, the corruption of the federal government. >> if you look at the deals we make, whether it's the nuclear deal with 24 hour periods and, by the way, before you get to the 24 hours, you have to go through a system. you look at sergeant bergdahl. we get he bergdahl, a traitor, and they got five of the big killer leaders that they want. we have people in washington that don't know he what they're doing. >> i'm the only one that separated siamese twins. the only one to operate on babies while they are still in the mother's womb. the only one to take out
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half of a brain. although you would think if you go to washington that someone beat me to it. i'm very hopeful that i'm not the only one to pick up the baton of freedom. freedom is not free and we must might for it every day. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about emails. she is still defending planned parenthood and she is still her party's frontrunner. >> political outside oars are the new political hot item. dark horse candidates are dominating the g.o.p. a brand new poll from mommouth university finds that two thirds of caucus goers say the country needs a president from outside the government. why are the outsiders, donald trump, carly fiorina doing so well? a and can they take the cue from career politicians? former senior advisor george w. bush karl rove and laura ingraham is here. laura, what is it about it. people always want outsiders at the stage or are they here to stay? >>. no i think there is an overriding sense from most people, greta, in the republican party who aren't
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really rich and who don't call themselves bundlers. they don't raise a lot of money for candidates. just people who are trying to get by. maybe middle income earners. most of them have a sense that government works for a few and government has failed on a whole host of areas and in a whole host of ways. and they are so frustrated at this point that after republican administrations, democratic administrations, their lives really haven't gotten any easier or any better. it seems like america is losing ground in the world that they are so frustrated they are throwing their hands up saying at this point i will take anyone who is not tainted by either all the big money in politics, the special interests, the lobbyists, or a career of having to boot lick lobbyists or run back and forth to rubber chicken dinners. i think there is a sense of utter failure, of establishment politicians, frustration, and true anxiety about what the future holds and so i think they are trying to send a message to the establishment, come closer to us on some of these
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issues, and then maybe we will give you another look. >> karl, we have had other outsiders before. ross perot, pat buchanon, herman cain, the tea party raising cain about issues. but we -- but it always seems to be that the g.o.p. wanders back to career politicians. whether it be george bush 43 or whether it is senator mccain or governor romney. so, is s. there anything different about these outsiders this time. >> the difference about these outsiders is that they have not held public office. take a look at the names that you just mentioned. george w. bush was not a washington politician. he had been the governor of texas. mitt romney had been the governor one term of massachusetts and a successful businessman. remember the appeal of john mccain in 2000? it was not that he was a washington insider. it's that he was a washington maverick. that was his call sign for his campaign. so, we have always had outsiders. whether it's steve forbes who didn't hold public office, or a ronald reagan who was a california
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governor, who had been outside of washington. in fact, even in 1968, when we had a consummate insider nominated by the republicans, richard nixon, he made his argue. that the insiders were nelson rockefeller and the eastern republicans. so, what makes this one different is that we have got three people who have never held office before. >> karl, i went if you went out there and asked whether governors are insiders or outsiders, i bet most american people would call them insiders. i bet they would call president bush 43. his family had a very deep political history. i think they would call him an insider and governor romney an insiders a well. maybe they are not as far out as the current ones. >> i disagree, greta. i mean, that's one of the ways that they won the nomination was not by not being the insider, look, people are angry today, i get that let's also put this in perspective. today, 72% of the american people are dissatisfied with the direction of the government. 77% were that in june of 2012. and the number reached 90% in october of 2008.
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so, what we have got here is different, i think. and, look, you can't call these people all the same. we have ben carson who is a strong conservative. we have carly fiorina who is a fortune 50 ceo, and we have donald trump who has a big abrasive personality. and those people don't agree on a lot. in fact, two of them have been taking shots at each other, namely donald trump and carly fiorina. >> all right. i think that's the point here. this is a resounding message to the g.o.p. leadership. we're so frustrated. we are willing to throw in with people who have never run a government board, a department. never run a state. i you mean, that's something. i don't think it's herman cain and michele bachmann. i think this is much more profound than that. >> we need to take a quick break, laura and karl stick around. carlie and dr. ben carson surging in the polls, so how did the other candidates do and what can they do to make their own jump?
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edition of "on the record." >> political outsiders like donald trump, carly fiorina and dr. ben carson must be doing something write -- right as their drastic rise in the polls continue. how are they addressing outsiders like donald trump taking the lead in polls? >> you dare take a swipe at trump? he doesn't seem to take the first swipe. you take the first swipe at him he is going to nuke. >> you listen. bottom line is this isn't
11:32 pm
about donald trump this is about me. i have taken a position with the media marco rubio has done the same thing. i'm not going to answer every single thing donald trump says. >> negotiator. this is not a guy who is a conservative. >> are you an insider or outsider? how do you see yourself? >> well, greta, you i see myself as sort of the son of a mailman that was always taught that you stand up for what you believe in, make the place where you are a little place for the fact that you were there. >> and the "on the record" political panel is back, former senior advisor george w. bush and karl rove and editor and chief of life set laura ingraham. it's interesting as you see you now some of the candidates, the g.o.p. candidates are fighting against president obama, hillary clinton, and that side. and some are fighting against donald trump. >> and some are actually fighting against jeb bush. on my radio show last week we had carly fiorina. chris christie and john kasich, all three of them were very thrill of the
11:33 pm
second george w. bush term and critical of jeb bush one way or another. i think they see trump as today's number one. maybe he will last, who knows? no one knows. but they see something very important in the support for jeb bush, which is that he has a lot of support already locked up. it's not in the polls among very wealthy people. big donors, i know a lot of them. i'm sure karl does as well. they are with jeb to the end. if they are going to make inroads with the establishment and also try to appeal to some the more independent or tea party reagan conservative type, they have got to walk this line. they have got to be somewhat critical of the bush legacy of jeb bush and they have to yet appeal to these other forces in the party. it's not easy for them to do it. >> karl, just recently, governor jeb bush certainly not ignoring donald trump and putting his sights on hillary clinton as the leader in the democratic party, why? >> well, you think part of it was just to sort of show he wasn't going to be pushed around anymore. let me step back and say two things.
11:34 pm
one is at the end of the day, outsiders have an advantage in seeking the nomination of the party. outsiders have to prove that they're capable of serving as the president. the general election environment is slightly different than the primary environment which is why if you take a look at it in the real clear politics average marco rubio could make the case i'm an outsider, first term senator from florida is the closest to hillary clinton down by two and a half points, followed by jeb at four. scott walker who san outsider as governor at 5. you get down to carly fiorina is over is 1 points behind hillary clinton, bebb carson is 10. and donald trump is 8.8. so when you get into a general election. you have got to pare that outsider, i'm not part of the mess in washington you also have to pair it with i can get the job done. the second thing is donald trump or anybody who thinks that attacking george w. bush is a way to win the republican nomination is kidding themselves. take a look at the popularity of george w. bush among republicans. he is one of the most popular republicans, if not
11:35 pm
the most popular republican nationwide and i don't think running against his time and him personally is going to do him or anybody else good. >> i don't think they are going against him personally at all. most of them really like george w. bush. i certainly do. he is amazing person and great patriot. i think, karl, what they are saying to be can did candid with what republicans have gone through and done a lot of great things and made some mistakes. to be a conservative also means to learn and sometimes we have to look back and say that didn't work or we thought the wto was going to work out for us and china cheated and sometimes we held them accountable. a bunch of times we didn't. maybe we need to do things a little bit differently. it's not personal. i think it's policy. a real policy difference. >> every winning president is a -- it looking forward. i would say two things. one is a lot of the criticism of bush is not accurate. for example, that he increased spending dramatically. he flat lined discretionary domestic spenting. did he increase military spending? you bet he did.
11:36 pm
he flat lined discretionary spending. the other thing i would say is that we have an interesting phenomena here. we have a candidate who does not represent conservative values who is being supported by people who have been saying for several years. we have to get rid of the rhinos. many of them are -- -- rinos. he is for higher taxes, not pro-life. soft on trade. >> carl, do you think republican voters. >> wealth tax. he called for a wealth tax on everybody. he called for a tax 14.5% of everybody -- of what rich people had would have to be turned over to the government. that's a nutty idea. >> look, you know, donald trump is donald trump. i mean, he is a complicated picture. no one doubts that. the reason trump is at the top of the poll, isn't just because he had a reality show, right? he is talking about a couple of issues that people feel like most leadership g.o.p. leadership folks haven't really talked about and can be fair. can be not fair.
11:37 pm
he certainly is appealing to a lot of people who are reagan conservatives and a lot of independents. who also maybe want to get into politics for the first timing. i have no idea how it's going to turn out. to say that somehow this is not about any substance and this is just a knee jerk thing, i don't think that's fair. >> i didn't see that at -- i didn't say that at all. this was not a consistent conservative or ho comes from conservative orthodoxy. nine years ago his biggest contribution was to elect nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives. after she won he wrote her a congratulatory note saying you are the best. that is not a conservative. that is not a conservative. >> george bush work permits for illegal aliens. >> interesting campaign season. >> so is donald trump if in favor of work permits. he wants to bring all the good ones back rapidly. >> i hope you both come back. thank you both. >> great to he so. >> you nearly 25% of the u.s. population is a millennial. how do the political
11:38 pm
outsiders, not the insiders, insiders grab that important vote. millennial voters who have gone "on the record" before are back. that's next.
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there are more that be 80 million millennials in the united states. any can cat who wants to win the white house is going to have to win the millennial vote. which are striking a cord. now, we spoke to them the night of the first big g.o.p. debate. so who is their pick for president back then? i know a lot can happen between now and november 16. th. if you had to vote today. who is your candidate today? >> today is carly fiorina. >> the same candidate has been for the past year marco rubio. >> he still has to win me
11:43 pm
over on immigration but my pick would be jeb. >> okay. back to you. all these days later are you sticking with senator marco rubio? >> yes, i am. i still think that he has immense potential going into this race. i think he needs to start being a little more tenacious and start to attack some the other candidates who are doing well on their positions and show why spirit. >> you worked for governor jeb bush back then. you have changed your mind? >> in a bug way. i am on team carlie because every time she speaks, you hear her talk about strategy. this is someone who has been a strategist. she led a large company. she reported to a board of directors just as a president should be reporting to the voters, really and held accountable. we have had a theorist in office so long and you see where that has gone us. i manage an office and i think a lot of people feel the same way. >> you were team angela and she is now carlie fiorina.
11:44 pm
you were fiorina. where are you? >> i'm on trump now. >> so why did you change your mind. >> i love carlie fiorina. don't get me wrong. i just feel like donald trump gives us what we need. he gives us the strength, the direction direction. he is not afraid to go out there and say what it needs to be said. he has no backers when it comes to his campaign he funds it himself. >> you have an insider, a first term senator. these two have clearly outsider candidates, do you where marco rubio an inside are and does that make a difference to you? >> he is insider in definition because he has become a career politician i don't think is he reminiscent of governments past as hillary clinton is i think he stands for something new. he keeps talking about new american century. so he may be an insider tech nuclearly but i think his approach is significantly outside. >> in terms of your friends, do they talk about trump and
11:45 pm
fiorina and carson or do they seem more of the conventional insider type candidate? what do your friends want. >> i think they like outsider candidates. i hear a lot about trump. one person i'm surprised a lot of my friends are talking about is carson. when it comes to my generation the united states of "american idol." you want someone with a little bit of pizzazz and keep your attention and interest. carson is very level-headed talks very straight at you. there is not a lot of ups and downs. i'm surprised he is able to get a lot of my friends' attention but he is he. >> what about you? >> there isn't consensus among my friends about which can cat -- candidate we want. economic growth, jobs, safe border and country to live in. which candidate is able to deliver that what no one -- i have not heard talk about is outsiders as being at a
11:46 pm
disadvantage. this is a generation that we don't care if it's a yellow cab or an uber. we don't care if if it's a marriott or insider or outsider. we care that it works and we care that it gets the job done. people like ben carson, even donald trump, carlie foreignna, people with management experience, that's very appealing to our generation. >> how about this whole idea of insider and outsider? you don't look at it this way who is on the inside and outside? >> i don't think so. i think for someone like dr. carson being on the outside, he has medical expertise and that might be an area that we might expect him to exceed in or help the country with. but i don't think it makes a difference. i don't think it hurts him in any way. >> all right. we got you all on tape how think now and going to be a lot of campaign. a lot can happen and ideas. we will you have back to see what you think the next time. thank you, panel. >> thank you. >> in 2008 and 2012. the political outsiders were the tea party members. so did the 2016 outsider candidates have what it takes to get tea party
11:47 pm
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"on the record" look at the 2016 political outsiders continues. and beginning in 2009. that's when the tea party tapped into voters fed up with washington as usual and the direction our country was headed. and now we are in the 2016 race for the demonstration. the white house what do donald trump, carly fiorina and dr. ben carson have to do to get the backing of the tea party in 2016? 2012 g.o.p. candidate and tea party activist herman cain goes "on the record." good to see you, sir. >> happy to be here. >> the people supporting the outsider candidates now, carson, fiorina and trump. are they the tea party or
11:52 pm
are they more than the tea party? who are these people that support the outsiders? >> i think they are the tea party and more. you often hear about the old political model talking about 400 percent of the voters are -- 400% are going to vote democrat no matter what and 40 republican no matter what. 20 % in the middle whatever you want to call them. i believe here is the element these outsiders are attracting people who have never voted before. i have received many calls from listeners who have said that they never voted before because they were turned off and felt disenfranchised. you happen to believe that these three outsiders as you are calling them, they are attracting from both parties. they are attracting from the middle. and they are attracting people who have never voted before. >> do you find the way they deliver their campaign information different? i mean, when i listen to them, the more professional or politicians are more careful in their speech where it seems like, you know, the nonpoliticians are
11:53 pm
a little bit blunt or more plain speaking and, of course, no one is more plain speaking of what's on his mind than donald trump. >> right. they are able to talk nonpolitical speech. that's what sets them apart you have done a great job. they are talking solutions. they get into the heart of the matter. that's what's connecting with a whole lot of people across the spectrum. one other thing, greta. the people that are attracted to these three candidates that you have been highlighting tonight, they don't care about labels. they don't care about who said, she said, he said, when they said it. they care about someone that sounds as if number one that they are passionate about leading. they are passionate about functioning some stuff in washington, d.c. >> carlie foreignna, business woman. donald trump businessman. you are a businessman as well. in business you can fire people when you don't like
11:54 pm
them not doing a good job is there some worry that there is this blunt talking about to be very difficult to deliver if get elected? >> i don't think so and here is why. because, if i had had gotten there, my plan was going to be always engage the support of the american people as you are trying to negotiate with congress to get done what needs to be done. carly fiorina said it best. one thing that politicians and people in office respond to is pressure. so i happen to think that the president can build that pressure on any given issue that's right that's connecting the american people put pressure on those that responsible passing the laws. that's how a nonpolitician can build that consensus and get things done. >> mr. herman cain, thank you very much. hope you come back. long campaign. i tell all my guest a lot of talking to do. >> i will be right here. thanks, greta. >> thank you, sir. and coming up, "on the record" 2016 the outsiders
11:55 pm
continues. up next, a look ahead to what we can expect from the unexpected frontrunners.
11:56 pm
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11:59 pm
tonight "on the record" has been bringing you special coverage 2016 the outsiders. it's very early in the presidential campaign season but already three g.o.p. candidates taking a huge lead in the polls they are billionaire businessman donald trump who has taken his tv stardom to the campaign trail drawing thousands to his rallies. and then carly fiorina taking her business relationship experience to the political arena. and finally world renown pediatric neurosurgeon dr. ben carson trying to cure what many people think ails washington. will the outsiders maintain their lead in the g.o.p. race? no one knows but buckle up. this is going to be a wild campaign season ride so. stay tuned. thanks for being with us for
12:00 am
this special edition of "on the record." tell me what you think about the outsiders and all the candidates on our facebook page and i will see you back here each night for "on the record" at 7:00 tell. thank you for joining us on this special edition of "on there welcome to "red eye." donald trump goes after a reporter for asking an unfair question. when will the reporters learn you don't question the trump. and keith richards says he doesn't like rap music. i guess he can't get satisfaction from anything. that's a song he wrote. and will tonight be the need andy levey admits he was wrong about tom brady? our panel provides in treeing -- intrigue, suspense. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. nervous investors await the reopening of the u.s. markets this morning after a volatile friday on wall street. analysts advise all eyes


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